Wall Of Shame II

» April 1st, 2011

Wall Of Shame II from the game of Fallen Sword  - ( http://tinyurl.com/2xmhje )

"Welcome to the Wall Of Shame II.
Contrary to it's name,
this is only a 'Source Guide'
used by Guild Founders & Recruiters, to help them
decide wither or not to accept players into their
, and not to bring actual Shame upon them"

More information & Posting instructions
can be found at the
Bottom of this page.

The first "Wall Of Shame"
™ in
Name and Idea was created by "SpookyImp"
with the help of
myself and several other players.

I have continued her work by creating this
second version:  "Wall Of Shame II"™.
Both Titles and Ideas are soly ours and may be
considered copywrite material, please be advised
NOT to copy any names from this list.

Players with this () in front of their
can no longer be Found.
= "Player '?' not found."
Players that have been Redeamed
will be shown crossed out.
Sample: 'player name'
Thievery - [Gold, Items],
(Tagged items belong to the Guild and require
Expresed permission from Founder to be removed)
Begging - Varied
Abuse - Varied - Support Tickets may be required with these.
Other - (No longer used, sorry)
NO Buff or SE Location Thiefs will be posted
- You should know better than to Buff before Payment, sorry.

-[ To SEARCH use [CTRL+F], then type or paste in the name ]-


 Lopishy ([Thievery] Items) - Guild, Restless 05/Dec/2007
batenceto0 ([Thievery] Items) - Guild,  Knights of Light
keiris22 ([Thievery] Items) - Guild, DeadlySkulls
uriki ([Thievery] Items, Gold) Stole Millions from Guild, destroying all structures.
radiantz0r ([Thievery] Items) - Guild, Half Breed Horrors
manofdeath ([Thievery] Items) Stole a Red baron sword, then left. - Guild, Order of the White Crow
mrcheats ([Thievery] Items, Guild Jumper) Guild. The Stompers & Fallen Kings and Queens
Extreme1 ([Thievery] Items) -  Guild, Hells Fury
dsagona ([Thievery] Items) Guild, Knights of Avalon
kevin10293 ([Thievery] Items) Guild, The Swordsmen
SSgtM ([Thievery] Items, ALL Guild Gold)  Guild, Night Stalkers Retreat
RipItUp ([Thievery] Items)  Guild, The Swordsmen
DeathRouge ([Thievery] Items) Guild, Elite Dragons
Darkagus ([Thievery] Item) Guild,  IFA
GoHalos ([Thievery] Items Given to Guild then taken back without permission) Guild, VENOMOUS
hattorio ([Thievery] Items, Gold) Guild, Angel of Death
Kecol ([Thievery] Items) Guild, The Nighthawks
playez ([Thievery] Items, [Guild Hopper], [Scammer]]) Guild, -varied-
Sword911 ([Thievery]Items, [ Begging]) - Guild, Order of the WHITE CROW
eco265 ([Thievery]Items, [ Begging], [Abuse] Multi's) - Guild, Gauntlet
Petman ([Thievery]Gold,Items [Abuse] Destroyed Buildings/Guild) - Guild, Warriors Guild Nov. 26 '07
phillipd24 ([Thievery] Item) Guild, The Undead Legions of Lord Soth of Dargaard
Felty07 ([Thievery] Gold) Guild, Creatures of Chaos
Druid1995  ([Thievery] Items) Guild,  Imaginary friends
Kecol ([Thievery] Items) Guild, Forsaken Kings
Costi9559 ([Thievery] Items) Guild, Cosa Nostra
Killer422 ([Thievery] Items) Guild, The Army of Darkness
Humpers = "iNeedGuild" ([Thievery] Gold & Multi.) Guild, TheKnights
Thekossu ([Thievery] Gold & Items) Guild, The Mystic Knights
kiler11(Thievery(items) Guild,  Et in arcadia Ego
dondon357 (Thievery(items) Guild,  Nega Zero
Hunteriuxx (Thievery(items) Guild, The Death Seekers
adio34 (Thievery(items) Guild, The Eternal Army
MShadows21 (Thievery(items) Guild, The Eternal Army
demon24521 (Thievery(item) Guild, August Revenge
PUNK2RAWK (Thievery(item) Guild, Brethren of the Death Lord
polandamv (Thievery(item) Guild, Brethren of the Death Lord
dra184lyfe (Thievery(items) Guild, Wizards of the Elements
omegaframe (Thievery(items) Guild, GazSquad
buffkingx (Thievery(items) Guild, Wolf and Eagle
sarunaru (Thievery(items) Guild, Knights of the Oblong Table
Juxie (Thievery(items) Guild, Wyvern of Valk
bobbo90 (Thievery(item) Guild, Draconia
qwanter (Thievery(items) Guild, WiccaD
Ichigo3rd (Thievery(items) Guild,  Knights of Renown
defleshed (Thievery(items) Guild,  Half Breed Horrors
Ichigo3rd (Thievery(items) Guild,  666
PROJECT001 (Thievery(items) Guild,  the paladin order
AsheeshC (Thievery(items) Guild,  Ascension
xXscarXx (Thievery(items) Guild,  The Pagan Knights
Hyniu (Thievery(items) Guild,  Albions Chosen Children
CrazyKill1 (Thievery(items) Guild,  Half Breed Horrors
Slamhole69 (Thievery(items) Guild,  JADED
Destiny92 (Thievery(items) Guild,  The Great White North
lula158753 (Thievery(items) Guild,  The Great White Nort
HunTer798 (Thievery(items) Guild,  Balkan Tribe
Sirdecado (Thievery(items) Guild,  Besten
shield60 (Thievery(items) Guild,  Titans Inc.


peena (FSP, Gold, Buffs, Items)  - Guild, Half Breed Horrors
yoshimoto5 (Gold, FSP's, Items) - Guild, Gauntlet
Codyman98 (Items, Ignoring Guild Rules, PM & Chat Spamming) Guild, Gauntlet
UgoTmE (Ignoring Guild Rules, PM & Chat Spamming for Gold/FSP's) Guild, Gauntlet
oodante (Gold, Ignoring Guild Rules) Guild, Dark Pagans


munnzy ([Abuse] ShoutBox Harassment)
sreapr949 ([Abuse] ShoutBox Harassment)
sullyearna ([Abuse] BIO and Profile Image)
tipster71 ([Abuse] ShoutBox cussing)
zeknor ([Abuse] PM Harrasement) - Reported to HCS
ost ([Begging] Gold, FSP [Multi] Admitted in chat) -  Guild, Genereals of Destruction
blazer178 + blazer871 + razor871  ([Abuse] PM Harrasement [Multi]) - Support Ticket [KYG-885723]
varoon ([Abuse] Foul language, [Begging] Gold & FSP's to start own Guild!)
1t3f5s7e9t ([Abuse] Creating Multiple Recruits) - Reported
xiaoyiren ([Abuse] Multi account - xiaoyiren1 , xiaoyiren2 , xiaoyiren3 )
BRAVEwussy ([Abuse] Harassment)
ownage28 ([Abuse] Harassment)
Ulovmee, hackcinda, soocinda ([Abuse] Harassment, [Multi's]) same accounts
brodster ([Abuse] Destroyed Buildings/Guild) Guild, Soldiers of the Deep
outtcast ([Abuse] Runing FSP ST Scams, Harassment)
DozDeath ([Abuse] Harassment)
oaster ([Abuse] Attempted Mutiny) Guild, Forsaken Warriors
2who ([Abuse] Merc. Hire/Disband, Begging, Whining, Wasting Buffs & Guild Gold)
 - Guild, Quentin's Disciples

  .:: Other ::.  
No longer in use as a SOLO crime.

mixdmagica ( Begged to withdraw from guild bank, Denied, left guild) - by .ransom
oscar33 ( Begged to withdraw from guild bank, Denied, left guild) - by .ransom
bigred316 (Guild hopper, poss. Multi.) - by .Thoran (me)
Blade366 (Serious Guild Hopper) - 3 guilds while I watched.
wilgoodwin (Serious Guild Hopper) - 4 guilds while I watched.
vegnagon (Serious Guild Hopper) Guild, Gauntlet and many others
mohammedj (Guild Hopper, Beger and Prifile Image theif) Guild, Gauntlet
tacoluv (Begged for items then left Guild)
greenpig55 (Serious Guild Hopper) Asks for FSP's and acces to Store, if not, leaves.
Ansatsusha (Guild Hopper, will ask for items then leave)

"Tired of Guild hoppers?"

This site is made by someone else,
I added it due to the fact that I no longer list Guild Hoppers.
* Taken from the Bio of "

  .:: "Player Was Not Found" ::. 
Justin89 (Serious Guild Hopper) Guild, The Shadow Warriors
yugio24 (Items) - Guilds, Brethren of the Death Lord, Fallen Empire, The Axis of Evil
fighterdan (Buffs) + Guild Hopper
melly4ever (FSP, Gold, Ranks. Possable Dup. account) - .Arnoldo
killerkai (Gold, FSP)
stonenap62 ([Thievery] Items)  Guild, The English Knights
lawrencess ([Thievery] Items) Guild, The Fire Of The Unkown
Coxinha ([Thievery] Items) Guild, Swamsters
Pugger04 ([Thievery] Items, Gold) Joined, raided bragged, then left.
firekill64 ([Thievery] Items, Gold [Abuse] )
juan56 ([Thievery] Items) - Guild, Forgotten guardians Of The Past
BrknSwrd ([Thievery] Items, Gold Millions) - Guild, Forgotten guardians Of The Past

   .:: Redeamed ::.
 DoomxCrew ([Thievery] Items, Gold) Guild, Kingdom of Knights 
 Temetrius ([Thievery] Items) Guild, The Brand - by Yirena
mist2009 ([Thievery] Profile Image-didnt pay)


"ALL listings require complete Proof in the Form of Screen Shots
to be posted and MUST be sent through this site ONLY


=>>> Click here to submit. <<<=

"It is HARD as HELL to get your name off this list so don't even try."
"These were all found by honest, truthfull,  people."  » "SpookyImp"

H.C.S.® can not support any sort Wall of Shame for Legal reasons,
therefore all links were removed from the Forum and Wiki.

--NOT affilated with any other 'copied' site that may be created--

NOTE: Please report players that have broken Game Rules to:
Or fill out a Support Ticket at http://support.huntedcow.com
Make sure you attach any Chat / Guild Logs or any other evidence you can.

Link for your BIO:
  "Wall Of Shame II" - http://xaddr.com/4fq 

Button for your site:
Wall Of Shame II

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